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Amsterdam - A Place For Fun

Amsterdam has a split personality. Amsterdam is the place where one can have the best time. Tree-lined canals, numerous parks, cafes, museums and cycling are the various ways by which one can have weekend breaks in Amsterdam. The place is known for its picturesque beauty. The night life of the city is much different - the red light district, coffee shops and fun clubs of Leidseplein provide full time entertainment to the people.
Dam Square is the heart of Amsterdam and is just at a short distance from the Central Station. Many passers-by stop down here to see the jugglers performing and showing various games which grab the attention of the people.
One can have a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam as the best way here is to hire a bike from somewhere and moving around various places of the city. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam attracts many people the visitors visit this place and go captivated to see the sunflowers.
As evening begins one can observe the party atmosphere in the city. The Cafés buzz, lasers beam into the sky add more fun to the atmosphere. There are more and more people who come out on the streets to enjoy the evening. People here have great fun and they enjoy every moment to the fullest.
The Blijburg aan Zee, is thronged by the people in large number, this beach is on the false IJburg islands. Amsterdam now follows the urban beach concept, here there are 4 seasonal "beaches". Blijburg is the one which is open throughout the year even during the winters. One can have great time on the beaches as numerous recreational activities are available over here like volleyball, dance, picnic etc.
Hang out
There are some long-established pubs and clubs in the city these places are often thronged by the customers who sit here for long chat sessions. People come here to spend their leisure time and to sit and relax. The walls and ceilings of the pubs are stained brown due to nicotine. There are variety of food items available here as one can enjoy a genever (Dutch gin) mouth-watering meat, a kroket and potato croquette which is served with mustard.
The large parks in Amsterdam are thronged by the joggers to spend some moments in leisure this is the best place to be in. This is a place to rock and have lots of fun.

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