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The Best Time to Travel Lisbon

Lisbon offers a mild and temperate climate, with short winters and long hot summers with a maximum temperature of approximately 28º Celsius (84º F). Although temperatures may fall somewhat in the autumn and winter months, sunshine is almost always a constant feature. Temperatures rarely fall to freezing point, even during the coldest months of December and January. Due to its proximity to the sea, mist and drizzly rain can sometimes make Lisbon feel cooler than inland Portugal.

Lisbon weather is generally quite nice. The climate in Lisbon, and, indeed, all of Portugal is rather mild. During the summer, it is hot, and the beaches are full of sunbathers and sea-bathers between sunrise and sunset. Weather in Lisbon can become rainy during certain times of the year, but for the most part the Lisbon temperature is high enough to prevent snow from falling. Whether you like the nightlife, or enjoy the days, Lisbon weather can allow you to enjoy the city, day or night.

Because of its weather and climate, as well as its Old World charm, Lisbon and Portugal is rapidly becoming a tourist destination. Right now, vacationers can find it on the map of great places for holiday at an inexpensive rate. Many people in Lisbon speak English, and that helps people of all nationalities communicate and meet. Depending upon where you stay and what you like to do, it is possible for you to meet people from all over the world.

Lisbon has short and mild winters and hot summers. Plenty of sunshine can be enjoyed from May to October, whereas the coolest and the rainiest season is between December and March.If you are traveling in summer, make sure to bring some light sweatshirts.The evenings of Lisbon are rather chilly.

The warm afternoons are favourable for a nice walk by the river or for a well-spent afternoon in one of the many street cafés to be found all over the city. But even rain can be romantic if you're winding in Lisbon's narrow streets; the charms of rain can usually be felt between December and March.

The weather in Lisbon is, in general, warmer all year than in the rest of the Europe (like other cities of South Europe). The warm and dry season usually begins in May and finishes in October. The hottest months are July and August which the thermometers easily can reach the 37ºC and sometimes a little bit more. Bring a good hat and a sun screener and avoid the direct sunlight between 1pm and 3pm, especially if you have a very white skin. The cold season starts in November until March. The temperatures usually go at 1ºC (min.) until 15ºC (max.) in winter. Lisbon never has negative temperatures and never snows (it's extremely, extremely rare!). The rainy months usually are January, February, April, November and December.

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Lisbon Weather
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